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To stain your Orosz cedar product, we recommend an oil based application such as Linseed oil, transparent or semitransparent stain. These products will provide a durable finish and help maintain the colour of the wood.

Orosz planters have been designed with slight spaces between the vertical pieces on the sides of the planter so that the material will have room to absorb moisture and expand. Each planter box has drain holes, and is assembled securely with plated screw nails and fasteners.

Although Orosz wood planters are very durable, it is recommended that they be moved indoors during the winter season. If desired, a liner can also be used to help prolong the life of the planter.

To fill the planters, add 1-2" coarse gravel or stone for drainage and to prevent soil loss. Fill with a good quality potting soil, packing gently.

For more information, please contact us at info@oroszoutdoors.com.